Turn student ideas into prototypes

Protoworks Education is Australia’s first specialist in 3D printing education
and project-based learning – and we bring all the tools to you.

We provide classroom workshops across Australia and introduce hungry minds to the same 3D printing technology used by MIT students. We also introduce students to the creative and teamwork skills they’ll need to bring their ideas to life. Protoworks Education is led by Hans Chang, a Radio Frequency Engineer with an MBA from UCLA Anderson. Having spent the past four years in Silicon Valley, helping giants like SanDisk bring new products to market, Hans injects his real-world experience into each workshop.

About Protoworks

“Young imaginations are limitless.
So is the world we’re preparing them for.”


Introduce 3D printing the easy way. Protoworkshops are our flagship education service where we
introduce young minds to the technology behind 3D printing and the idea of creating prototypes.

Step 1: Contact us today and book a Protoworkshop
Book a 3D Printing Workshop

Step2: Set-up

We’ll bring the expert, project plan and 3D printer to your school. You just need to supply the projector, Wi-Fi and a large classroom full of creative brains.

Step3: Minds-on

We explore the bits and bobs of 3D printing, like extruders and thermoplastic materials. We then check out CAD design, workflow, and why prototypes are so important.

Step4: Hands-on

We get stuck into a “Making-stuff” challenge. Working in small groups, we focus on developing design and teamwork skills- both key tools for our future innovators.

Key Points
  • Years 10 and above
  • 24 students max
  • 3 – 15 hours
  • Requirements: Large classroom, projector, WiFi connection
What’s next

This first Protoworkshop is just the start. If you’re interested in a full 3D curriculum, 3D printing

consulting, teacher/leader workshop, leasing or equipment finance, please talk to us

NVBots 3D Printer

The world’s first fully-automated 3D printer

Protoworks Education uses the NVPro printer, the only 3D printer truly designed for teachers and students.
Developed by MIT graduates and used today by MIT University, it changes what’s possible in a classroom:

Cloud-based Learning

Using a cloud-based 3D printing software suite, students can upload and customise their 3D model from anywhere. Perfect for home assignments.


Printed pieces are removed automatically from the printer, making operation safer and allowing you to print 24/7.

Teacher Control

The printer queue is managed by a teacher who has the tools to approve and prioritise all printing.

Live Action

There’s a live camera on the printer so students can watch their creation being made from anywhere.

Benefits of a Protoworkshop

It’s Fun!

We have a simple ethos: If it’s not fun, it’s not learning. Protoworkshops are designed to give your students’ curiosity a full workout.

Develops digital and practical know-how

3D printing bridges both the virtual and physical world. Students develop the digital literacy and hands-on problem solving that they’ll need to be Australia’s next generation of “makers”.

STEM-based approach

Our Protoworkshops integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics into one holistic learning experience. There’s something for everyone.

Builds relevant skills

Today’s employers want people who understand how to fully harness the power of creativity, technology and teamwork to deliver fresh solutions. All the things students learn in a Protoworkshop.

Introduces prototypes and project-based learning

Prototyping enables students to explore real-world problems together and introduces them to the benefits of project-based learning. It’s a proven way for students to gain a deeper knowledge, which they can apply and adapt.

Cost-effective approach

Because Protoworks Education brings the expertise and the technology to your classroom, it’s a cost-effective way to introduce your students to a range of exciting new pathways.

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“Young imaginations are limitless.
So is the world we’re preparing them for.”